Meghan on the Issues

Reducing Government Regulations

As a small business owner, Meghan understands the impact that burdensome government regulations have on small businesses, business owners and workers across our state. Michigan's regulatory burden is negatively affecting economic growth. Job providers and workers need predictable outcomes and prompt responses to be able to move forward here in Michigan.  

We need to adopt policies that prevent state departments from promulgating regulations that are more stringent than federal requirements without the approval of the legislature, the review and reduction of occupational licensing, and requiring state agencies to implement reforms that help businesses save money and grow.

Jobs and Our Economy

A decade since 2009 - the end of the worst recession in generations - Michigan's economy has grown slow and steady. Michigan was enjoying the longest economic recovery in more than a century. Now all of that is at risk with COVID-19. 

The executive orders issued throughout the COVID-19 crisis will have a drastic impact on Michigan's economy, businesses, works, and families across our state. Economist are projecting Michigan's unemployment rate to be as high as 10 percent in 2020 or as low as 5.6 percent depending on the impacts of COVID 19. 

In order to avoid a state recession, we need bold economic policies that allow businesses the flexibility to ___, help keep the workers they have, and help the unemployed quickly re-enter the work force.

Low Taxes

State taxes are high enough already! The government receives more than enough money to do the job it was to do under the Michigan Constitution. We do not need higher taxes, we need smarter spending!


We should not be creating tax policies that take money away from businesses only to give it back to other businesses we arbitrarily deem more deserving. Rather than take your hard-earned money away for the state to use on their favorite projects, the legislature best serves our economy and your budget when we leave your money in your hands. 

The Second Amendment

The defense of the Second Amendment is essential to our way of life. The price of liberty is constant vigilance. Our Founding Fathers knew this and knew the only way to ensure our liberty as to be able to back it up with force, if necessary. Our Second Amendment states: "A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."


Michigan citizens, like all American citizens, have this fundamental right as well as a duty to protect themselves and their families should the need arise. As a CPL holder, I will work to ensure our Second Amendment rights are protected and promoted!  

Improving the Roads

Our roads and infrastructure should continue to be one of our top priorities. In early 2015, the Michigan Legislature passed a package of bills to provide a massive influx of monies into our budget to be spent directly on repairing Michigan's crumbling roads and bridges. And although that was a good start, due to our state's lost decade starting in xxxx, we need to do better. 

Michigan consumers pay a wholesale tax at the pump on gas that goes directly to transportation funding. Not all of that tax monies are currently directed to road maintenance and repair, but it should be. In addition to the increased dollars being spent on repairing the roads we also need to ensure we are looking at ways to ensure our roads are built to a high standard, we use better materials and we require and enforce warranties. 


A good, strong education best prepares our children for success as adults. Parents should have the right to educate their children as they see fit, whether that is home school, public school or private school. Michigan's leaders have made some great decisions in allowing more choice in education, but again, state and federal regulations tie the hands of our teachers so much so that it has become difficult for our teachers to teach to the specific needs of their students.


Because I am supportive of allowing our teachers the opportunity to use their expertise to educate using the most effective learning style of each child and allowing parents to choose their methods of education. Innovation, competition, and flexibility should be available to our parents and our educators in order to give our students the best opportunity to learn.

Protecting Life

Text When we see the image of a baby in the women, we get a glimpse of the majesty of God's creation. When we hold a newborn in our arms, we know the endless love that each child brings to a family.


As a mother, I know how important it is to support America's families and to protect those who need it the most - unborn. As a state representative, Meghan would support and sponsor legislation that defends life and our religious freedoms.


Meghan grew up on a farm in Howell. She understands and appreciates the vital role that agriculture plays in Livingston County.


There are more than 86,000 acres of farm land in Livingston County. Farmers in Livingston County, and across Michigan, face many difficulties: unpredictable weather, difficult economic conditions, accessing credit, high property taxes, labor challenges and over burdensome farm regulations.


We need to look toward the future and ensure that the next generation of farmers will be able to continue the family farm legacy. 

The Opioid Crisis & Recovery

Prescription drug and opioid abuse is a growing national health emergency that impacts every community across Michigan. From 1999 to 2016, the total number of overdose deaths increased more than 17 times in Michigan.

The stigma around opioids is twofold, focused on both the addiction itself and the treatment many health professionals agree is most effective. Access to programming like recovery homes and assisted treatment is limited in rural areas such as Livingston County. We need to ensure we are opening the access to treatment, quality care, and assisting families and friends as they help to fight this epidemic across Michigan. 

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